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We started this company to save our patients time and money. 
Many people have high deductibles from insurance carriers and emergency rooms have many unnecessary costs including wait time for a surgeon / specialist which can exceed hours… There has to be a better way…

By removing the middleman (ERs and insurance companies) we provide direct cost and time savings to you. We also provide our patients with a detailed account of the service provided so that you can submit to your insurance carrier.

When people get injured from knives, saws, glass, nails, or get scrapes from bike and scooter accidents, a specialist (plastic or general cosmetic surgeon) may be called to evaluate the wound. As plastic and general cosmetic surgeons, we specialize in wound care treatments to minimize scarring and maximize the success of a closed, healed wound.

As specialist in cuts, laceration, and other accidental injuries resulting in wounds, plastic and general cosmetic surgeons are called by the ER and even by our patients directly to evaluate them.

Update:  COVID-19 Will forever change our world.
We will evaluate your injury and make a recommendations to keep you out of the Emergency Room and Hospital.

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Immediate care meansimmediate care.

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Injuries happen.  We are here to help.  Speak with a surgeon immediately. Your initial telehealth service ($250) is available throughout all states and territories. However if further service is required our in person consult is ONLY available in New York City and Long Island.

Your surgeon will advise you on at home wound care options, have you meet them in our office/operating rooms for an in person evaluation, or possible send you for further evaluation to an emergency room (most small injuries are managed without they need to goto an ER).

The initial telehealth consultation fee to schedule your appointment is $250.

Should your surgeon recommend additional in-person evaluation and repair. We have designed a very simple price structure:

Learn about our clear pricing promise

All insurance carriers handle reimbursement differently. Your surgeon may be out of network which, means they may not participate in your insurance carrier. If you have out of network benefits that is great!  However, even if you don’t have out of network benefits, most insurance carriers understand emergencies should be covered. When treating emergencies, we will provide you with a detailed bill called a super bill. You can submit your super bill to your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.  There is no guarantee that the insurance company will reimburse you. Just ask for you super bill anytime. 

Your surgeon will provide you with post care instructions and followup plans. Your surgeon will always be available via email for questions or concerns.

Injuries happen.

THE STITCH DOC is here to help.

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Your surgeon will advise you on at home wound care options or have you meet for in person wound care 24/7 for further evaluation.